Adirondack Pack Baskets

What is an Adirondack Pack Basket?

Pack baskets are woven containers originally used by Native American people to carry game, fish, harvests and (sometimes) babies. This simple design was later adopted by early settlers and hunters who began inhabiting the mountainous areas of New York, Vermont and Maine. Today they are referred to as "Adirondack pack baskets" and are still widely used.

I learned how to make ADK pack baskets almost 20 years ago while living in the mountains of Upstate NY. I was taught by a seasoned basket weaver who firmly believed there is a weaver inside of all of us and I was instantly hooked. I am obsessed with art that is meant to be used. I want these baskets to be loved, and loved hard. Since I do not use a form for these baskets each one is as individual as the person meant to use it. Although pack baskets are my first love, I also make wine totes, farmer's market baskets and New England style totes. 

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